In our exclusive showcase dedicated to spurs, you will find a wide variety of heel spurs and heel cups.

It is essential to highlight the distinction between the heel spurs used by the Chinacos in the 17th and 18th centuries and the charra spurs that became popular with the introduction of the one-piece Charro boot. The former were characterized by their specific design, conceived to fit the inclined heel of the boots they used. In contrast, the charra spurs have a completely different design, adapted to straight heeled footwear.

Inside the display case, nearly 50 specimens of Chinaca spurs are on display, with the ends of the bars being especially noteworthy. This exhibit highlights the marked difference between the spurs used by the Chinacos and the later charra spurs, which emerged with the adoption of straight-heeled footwear.

This change not only transformed the aesthetics of the spurs, but also their functionality and mode of use. The evolution in the design of spurs is a palpable testimony of how fashion and culture influence the charro tradition, reflecting the constant adaptation and renovation of this prized discipline.